What do you use for managing tasks?

by Kyle 3. July 2009 12:33
So as I’m here drowning in too much to do and not enough time to do it, it dawns on me that I need something better than 3 or 4 different things to manage tasks.  Currently I use Abstract Spoon’s ToDoList (http://www.abstractspoon.com/tdl_resources.html) which works great my personal tasks but not so well for my business tasks (because of the multiple platforms and remote locations of my team), Outlook 2007 with the categories and follow-up flags for all of my business tasks, and scraps of paper for all of the other little tasks that just popup.  I can’t keep up. I’ve looked into a few software packages but they are either way to simple for what I need (Done.Done.) or way to complicated (OnTime!).   So what are you guys using?  Do you like it?


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