No more comments for a while

by Kyle 28. December 2009 09:02
Due to the abuse of the comments by various spam persons/engines I have disabled comments until I can upgrade to the blog engine and test some abilities to keep them from using the commenting feature to spam people. 


What do you use for managing tasks?

by Kyle 3. July 2009 12:33
So as I’m here drowning in too much to do and not enough time to do it, it dawns on me that I need something better than 3 or 4 different things to manage tasks.  Currently I use Abstract Spoon’s ToDoList ( which works great my persona... [More]


Business Management

External BLOB/Binary Store for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 in C#/.NET 2.0 - Part III

by Kyle 14. August 2008 09:43
Part III – File Management [Note: I know this took several months to get this blog entry completed and I apologize.  Co-worker attrition, project inheritance, and a personal life took priority to help maintain what bits of sanity that I still have left.  Hopefully this is worth the wait.] ... [More]

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For those waiting...

by Kyle 29. April 2008 11:04
I just wanted to give all of you who are waiting on Parts III and IV of the EBS series a quick update on what's going on.  I'm doing my last round of edits on Part III and starting to write Part IV.  Overall, there is less content for these two parts, but I'm willing to do a Part V - FAQ i... [More]


External BLOB/Binary Store for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 in C#/.NET 2.0 - Part II

by Kyle 24. March 2008 14:32
Part II – The COM Component Overview In the previous post in this series we discussed the exposure of an external storage API from Window SharePoint Services, Microsoft’s implementation documents, what I have been able to figure out as it relates to the implementation under the cover... [More]

External BLOB/Binary Store for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 in C#/.NET 2.0 - Part I

by Kyle 10. March 2008 16:59
Part I – The BackgroundOverviewI recently had the task of writing an External BLOB/Binary Store (EBS) implementation for Windows SharePoint Services v3.0 SP1.  In this series of blog entries I want to pass on what I’ve learned during that process.  I’m going to go over th... [More]

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Leap Day: Why not a National holiday?

by Kyle 29. February 2008 17:08
As the alarm was going off at 5:45a this morning I had to ask myself this question. "Why isn't today a national holiday?"  Granted, I just really wanted to go back to sleep for another hour or two and it really was just a rhetorical question.  But the more that I think about it t... [More]



Windows Live Writer

by Kyle 28. February 2008 13:53
Okay, so I'm impatiently waiting on the first two parts of the External Binary Store blog entries to be reviewed by my employer to make sure I'm not breaking any company policies since the post include some source code.  In the mean time I'm trying to decide what to write about next (probably s... [More]

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Configuration Files for GAC Assemblies

by Kyle 12. February 2008 21:05
The other day I was working on a project where I needed to have some configuration settings for an assembly that is installed in the GAC.  I’ve needed this before, but I’ve always given up on it because I always had another way to store those settings.  This time was different ... [More]

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"Kick the Designer in the Nuts" Day...

by Kyle 8. February 2008 20:30
Welcome to my blog.  I want to start out by setting a base line with something that I have often mentioned to the people I work with.  It’s a concept called “Kick the Designer in the Nuts” Day. Let me explain what “Kick the Designer in the Nuts” Day is. It&#... [More]

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