Leap Day: Why not a National holiday?

by Kyle 29. February 2008 17:08
As the alarm was going off at 5:45a this morning I had to ask myself this question. "Why isn't today a national holiday?"  Granted, I just really wanted to go back to sleep for another hour or two and it really was just a rhetorical question.  But the more that I think about it t... [More]



Windows Live Writer

by Kyle 28. February 2008 13:53
Okay, so I'm impatiently waiting on the first two parts of the External Binary Store blog entries to be reviewed by my employer to make sure I'm not breaking any company policies since the post include some source code.  In the mean time I'm trying to decide what to write about next (probably s... [More]

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Configuration Files for GAC Assemblies

by Kyle 12. February 2008 21:05
The other day I was working on a project where I needed to have some configuration settings for an assembly that is installed in the GAC.  I’ve needed this before, but I’ve always given up on it because I always had another way to store those settings.  This time was different ... [More]

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.NET General

"Kick the Designer in the Nuts" Day...

by Kyle 8. February 2008 20:30
Welcome to my blog.  I want to start out by setting a base line with something that I have often mentioned to the people I work with.  It’s a concept called “Kick the Designer in the Nuts” Day. Let me explain what “Kick the Designer in the Nuts” Day is. It&#... [More]

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